Public Classes

Connection • Meaning • Fun

My current public yoga class offerings are through Instagram Live & Zoom.


Instagram Live Every Sunday @ 9:30am PST on the @LitYogaBarre Instagram page.

Zoom Online Yoga: All Zoom classes are invite-only. If you are interested in learning more about my Zoom schedule, please click the button below.


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Private Instruction

Be Curious • Show Imperfection • Practice Gratitude

Private yoga lessons are 100% created and curated to YOU. During private lessons, I will carefully evaluate and meet you exactly where you are in your practice.

Private yoga instruction is less intimidating than a group class. It's also a great space to design a yoga practice around your level of mobility and stability.

If you are someone who constantly struggles with stress, anxiety, or PTSD; Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is a yoga approach that specifically works to uncover stored emotions and fragmented memories in the past. TSY instruction incorporates yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to expand the nervous system's window of tolerance. 

Private instruction is an opportunity to be curious in who you are, find ease within your body & mind, and embrace your truth. 

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Free Safe Space Guide (PDF)

Do you believe in maximizing the ability to create a safe space as a yoga teacher? In my experience, I've been fortunate enough to witness yoga spaces all over the world in which embody different values and practices. Ultimately, I became obsessed with breaking down every major element a yoga teacher juggles with while holding space. 

This free download guide will cover:

  • Creating a safe space

  • Elements yoga teachers can leverage

  • Questions to ask yourself while teaching

  • Things to consider when implementing teaching methods

  • How to approach imperfection when dealing with teaching differences


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