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My Story


Patience x (Self Compassion + Self Acceptance) = Self Love

I grew up spending years exercising and lifting weights at the gym. After enduring a toe injury while practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I decided to take a yoga class. I mainly went because I wanted to be a bit more flexible.

I started practicing yoga in San Francisco, California. I practiced 4-5 times a week and after 3 months, I started noticing the physical benefits. I could touch my toes. I could twist my body. I was able to be strong holding Warrior Poses.

After 5 months, I started noticing the mental benefits. By leveraging the endorphins in my brain, I started to feel happy and calmer throughout the day. I was even getting better sleep!

After 8 months, I started to question a new feeling. In turns out, I was experiencing the emotional benefits of yoga. Yoga provided me with the opportunity to learn how to understand manage my emotions. As I became more mindful, I realized the power of emotional intelligence and its direct effect on increasing my window of tolerance.

After one year, I embodied an overarching feeling of service, and I enrolled in a 200 YTT.

My yoga journey or process has been full of exploration. Along this road to self-love, I strongly believe that we MUST separate the things that happen TO us from the things that we DO.

My identity has grown, changed, and embarked on a struggle to understand that I define my identity not by what has happened to me, but by the values I practice.

My purpose is to create safe spaces where opportunity is made visible for others. My mission is to practice my core values of curiosity, imperfection, and gratitude to serve others in making their truth more visible in hopes to create more self-acceptance and self-compassion.

"We don't get to die young
Trouble keeping our head sometimes
We just have to push on
We don't get to give up this life
All the breath in your lungs
Is stronger than the tears in your eyes
It's do or die, but we're alive
And while we're here, hold the line"

- Hold The Lin by A R I Z O N A (Avicii)


My Favorite Pose: Warrior II